Animal Kingdom.

The animal kingdom or animal kingdom in Latin, is composed of all those beings that share similar characteristics. All these animals are multicellular beings, eukaryotic, they are heterotrophic beings, which means that they feed on other living beings, move autonomously and their reproduction is sexual.

The animal kingdom is classified as follows.


With almost 62,000 current species and fossils are vertebrate animals are those that have spine or spine.


These animals live underwater, breathe through gills, are cold-blooded and oviparous.


Warm blood, with four limbs and born from the womb.


They have four limbs, two wings and two legs, but not all can fly, are warm-blooded and oviparous.


They walk dragging the gut or very close to the ground, we share lungs, their blood is cold and oviparous.


These animals can live both in water and on land.


A difference of the vertebrate animals is, the invertebrate animals lack vertebral column and articulated internal skeleton.

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