Curiosities about sharks

curiosities about sharks|
Did you know that the biggest shark that has ever existed was the megalodon? Come with us and you can learn more curiosities about sharks with Happy Learning!


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Curiosities about sharks

Did you know that the biggest shark that has ever existed was the megalodon?
This gigantic beast had a length of 20 meters and weighed 20 tones! The megalodon lived nearly 20 million years ago and disappeared 2 million years ago. It is considered as one of the most powerful predators of history of the vertebrates and their favorite prey where sea mammals such as whales or dolphins. It is a shame that the megalodon has disappeared but to be honest, it would have been really scary. By the way, did you know that its name originated from Latin and it means ‘Big tooth’?

Did you know that sharks can have thousandths and thousandths of teeth in their life time?
Sharks have their denture distributed in layers. when a tooth breaks, immediately, it is replaced by the layers above.
In general sharks have between 5 and 15 lines of teeth, although the first line is the most important, and it is what they usually eat their prey with. Many scientists have assured us that sharks can have up to 30 million teeth during their life

Did you know that sharks don’t stop swimming, not even for when they need to sleep?
This is because of wo reasons. The first is because of their breathing. Whilst sharks swim, they maintain their mouth open, this way the water that contains a lot of oxygen, passes through their gills and absorbs the oxygen to be able to breath. The second reason is that, differently from all fish, sharks don’t have a swim bladder a kind of internal float that fills with air and allows them to float even though they are still. It sounds weird but it is true, if a shark stops swimming it will fall to the bottom of the ocean and drown. Although the sleeping fish is eaten by the shark…

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