Happy Learning Method!

The Happy Learning Method is an educational methodology where children watch, read, play, and create through enjoyable and entertaining resources, becoming true experts in the subject they are studying in class (almost) naturally. This methodology is present on the My Happy Learning platform.

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The Method consists of four types of complementary resources:


Each video is carefully designed to capture the attention of children while they explore a wide range of educational topics. With content adapted to different ages and levels of understanding, our videos provide a stimulating learning experience. From science to history and beyond, Happy Learning’s educational videos are an exciting window to knowledge that inspires curiosity.

Reading sheets

Reading sheets are a fundamental tool for children to synthesize information effectively. Designed to complement educational videos, these sheets provide a concise and clear summary of key concepts, helping to reinforce learning and improve information retention.


From puzzles to memory games, we offer a wide variety of interactive activities that make learning exciting and entertaining. Learning through play is not only fun but also promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and social skills development.

Off-Screen Activities

These activities promote experimentation, problem-solving, and collaboration, preparing children to face real-world challenges. Dive into the fun of hands-on learning with Happy Learning!