the medieval ages

The Medieval Ages.

Hello friends, welcome to a new Happy Learning Video. Today, we’re going to get to know the era of castles, kings and queens, noblemen and vassals, today, we’re going to get to know the Medieval ages.

the wheel
Great Moments in History

THE WHEEL. Great inventions which changed history.

The wheel was first seen, on small clay tables discovered in Mesopotamia. Supposedly, the first wheel was invented after the first human beings used cylindrical tree trunks to move heavy things.



The first and most important of human civilisations. Did you know that Mesopotamia was the first, and most important of human civilisation? Learn why we wouldn’t be here without them today! Who would have said it could be so fun, and easy?

first world war
20 TH Century


The most tragic moments in the history of humanity. The first world war started in 1914 and ended in 1918, it created conflict between the major global powers at the time, so the most important countries.

The Company|

The Company

A company is an organization which dedicate themself to producing goods or services in exchange for a benefit, or in other words, for money. Learn all about them with this wonderful educational video for kids.

The Roman Empire|

The Roman Empire

Rome was founded almost 2800 years ago, centuries later it became one of the most powerful empires ever to exist. Learn a bit of its history with this great educational video from Happy Learning.

The Industrial Revolution||Revolución Industrial
Century XVII

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution began in England at the end of the 18th century, when Englishman James Watt invented, or rather perfected, the steam engine. This invention changed society forever, as many people from rural areas moved to the cities to work on factories.

french revolution|
Century XVII

The French Revolution

Do you know The French Revolution? It’s one of the most important events in world history passage from the modern age to the contemporary age. Learn more about it with Happy Learning and enjoy with the History!

educational video: the ancient age for kids|edad antigua

The Ancient Age

The Ancient Age began at the end of the Iron Age, that is prehistory, and it starts with the appearance of writing around four thousand years before Christ. This is when the first civilizations start to develop.