curiosities about sharks|

Curiosities about sharks

Did you know that the biggest shark that has ever existed was the megalodon? Come with us and you can learn more curiosities about sharks with Happy Learning!

interesting facts about cats|interesting facts about cats|

Interesting facts about cats

Did you know that the cat’s whiskers have special powers? And did you know that cats that have three or four colors are females?
You can learn interesting facts about cats with the new Happy Learning video.

interesting facts about dogs|interesting facts about dogs|

Interesting facts about dogs

Did you know that each dog has a unique snout? Just as each human in the world has different fingerprints. And can you guess when it was domesticated? Knowing interesting facts about dogs with Happy Learning!

Fascinating facts about babies|

Interesting facts about babies

Did you know that a baby has more bones in his body than an adult? And did you know that the breath of newly born babies does not smell? There are a lot of fascinating facts about babies. Learn with Happy Learning!

interesting facts about spiders|interesting facts about spiders|

Interesting facts about spiders

Did you know that spiders are one of the animals that most people are scared of? If you would know interesting fact abour spiders, you like them! They could stop an airplane while it’s flying. This is awesome!

interesting facts about birds|Interesting facts about birds||

Interesting facts about birds

Did you now that the fastest bird is the peregrine hawk or how many times can the hummingbird flutter per minute? We’ll learn a interesting facts about birds with Happy Learning. They’ll surprised you!

The Shark|The Shark

The Shark

The shark is a fish with a very bad reputation. Sharks like all fish have gills which allow them to breath under water and their body is covered in scales. Sharks are also carnivores and known to be one the best underwater hunters.

The Dolphin|The Dolphin

The Dolphin

Dolphins are aquatic mammals which live in most seas around the world. Like most mammals they are viviparous and breathe through their lungs. They are also very intelligent animals. Come meet this incredible creature.

the bear|The Bear

The Bear

In this educational video dedicated to preschool and primary children, we will discover the most interesting facts about bears. Come and meet this amazing animal with us.