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A company is an organization which dedicate themself to producing goods or services in exchange for a benefit, or in other words, for money. Learn all about them with this wonderful educational video for kids.


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The Company

Hello friends and welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to talk all about companies. But do you know what a company is?

Companies are organizations which dedicate themselves to producing goods or services in exchange for a benefit, or in other words, for money. The goods are the products which the companies make. Some companies make candy, clothes, books full of stories, and there are other companies which make cars. There are loads of companies all dedicated to manufacturing all sorts of different products. If you look around you, all you see has been produced in a company.

There are also companies which provide services, such as the transport companies which take us from one place to another, the hairdressers who don’t sell us anything but cut our hair and brush it, giving us a service as well as making us look pretty. Check out all these different hair styles!

There are a great number of services offered by companies. To carry out all these activities, companies need material and human resources. The material resources are what the companies need to manufacture or produce something. For example, a bakery needs flour, ovens, utensils, vehicles to deliver the bread to the clients, etc. A company which produces fruit juice would need fruit, a juice squeezer, refrigerators, packaging, and trucks for transportation. So, as to create a product one needs many resources and that is why we should never waste anything and we must recycle, the juice container for example.

The human resources are the people who work in the companies. These people are the employees and employers. The employers are those who create a company, direct it and make sure all is working correctly, besides they are the ones who are risking their money. The employees are the people who are working in the company in exchange for a salary, from their pay sheet, meaning money.

Well now we know what a company is all about. In the next video we will learn more about different types of companies. Goodbye friends. Oh, and don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Learning TV.

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