The Bicycle: Great inventions that changed history.

the bicycle
Do you know how and who invented the bicycle? Discover its evolution and you will be surprised by the strange ways that were successful.


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The Bicycle: Great inventions that changed history.

Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning Video! Today, in our section great inventions of history, we’re going to get to know… the bicycle.

The bicycle is one of the most fun means of transport there is! Also, it is very ecological, and very healthy! Since when we ride a bicycle, we do physical exercise!
But… do you know who, and when the bicycle was invented? No? Well, let’s find out!

The truth is, that alike many other inventions, the bicycle was invented in various phases and it was various people who intervened in its evolution until reaching the bicycle we know today!

Here you can see the first bicycle in history! It was invented by Karl Drais in 1817 but, it doesn’t look a lot like contemporary bikes, it didn’t have pedals and you had to push it with feet on the ground.

In 1861, the Frenchman Ernest Michaux thought of putting pedals on the front wheel, but because it didn’t balance correctly, people fell off and his idea didn’t succeed. But it was useful so in 1873, James Starley, an English inventor, would manufacture a bicycle with the front wheel a lot bigger than the back one. Although the falls from so high up were dangerous, he made it easier to drive them, so in 1873, Thomas Steven commenced the first trip around the world. He took three years to finish it.

In 1885, John Kemp Starley, James Starley’s nephew invented a safe bicycle. Because it had breaks, and was a lot lower, falls were less frequent and less dangerous. Exactly, it was more secure… he had created a contemporary bicycle. From this moment on, the bicycle became famous throughout the whole world. And it started to be used for Cirque shows, to travel or just to do sports. But… the bicycle’s history hasn’t ended, there are still new bikes being invented, like mountain bikes, race bikes, electric or some which won’t move no matter how fast you pedal, like at the gym… There are a lot of curious bicycles, like all of these… It’s clear that the bicycle is an invention which runs smoothly! So everyone let’s ride a bike!

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