The Elephant

|The Elephant|
Did you know that an elephant can weight up to 7,000 kilos? The elephant is the biggest terrestrial animal in the world and is capable of eating 150 kilos of food dialy. Discover this and many more facts about this wonderful animal with our video.


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The Elephant

Hello friends, welcome to Happy Learning. In this video we are going to learn about the world’s largest animal. Presenting… the elephant.

As you already know the elephant is the largest terrestrial animal in the world, second only to the enormous Blue Whale, which makes any other animal look tiny.

There are two types of elephants, the African elephant and the Asian elephant. It is very easy to differentiate them by looking at their ears. The African elephant has larger ears and their shape is like the silhouette of the
African continent. You can see it here, can’t you? Don’t they look like Africa?

Elephants are herbivore mammals, only feeding on grass, and a lot of it, too, they need to eat around 150 kilos daily. It’s not surprising they can weigh up to 7000 kilos.

An intriguing fact is that elephants can’t jump; they are one of the few four legged animals which can’t do it. On the other hand they do love water and are excellent swimmers.

They have a great sense of smell and hearing, though their eyesight is not very good. As you can see in the images they have large ears and a long trunk which they use for many different things, like eating, collecting objects, absorbing water to spray on themselves or for drinking and for communicating.

A female elephant’s pregnancy is around 22 months long, that’s almost two years! Amazing! When the babies are born they weigh 100 kilos and they are from that moment on looked aVer and cared for by all the members of the
herd. Oh, I almost forgot! Elephants are very social animals, and live in herds, united by various families and guided normally by an elderly female. They are also very caring, always helping each other.

Elephants can live up to 70 years old that is if the human beings leave them alone. Unfortunately, they have been rapidly disappearing from our Earth’s surface. Poachers hunt many elephants illegally to hack off their ivory tusks.
On top of that, their habitat it diminishing due to deforestation leaving them in great danger of being extinct. They are about to disappear.

To make sure this does not happen, we ask you on behalf of Happy Learning to look after and respect our nature and all living things on the planet. If we all become concerned about not dirtying, recycling more and consuming only what we need, hopefully the elephants as well as many more living creatures have a chance of survival.

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