Interesting facts about dogs

interesting facts about dogs|interesting facts about dogs|
Did you know that each dog has a unique snout? Just as each human in the world has different fingerprints. And can you guess when it was domesticated? Knowing interesting facts about dogs with Happy Learning!


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Did you know that each dog has a unique snout?
Just as each human in the world has different fingerprints, each dog has also a different snout. So much so that the police have even managed to solve crimes taken place when the accused has been with its dog while committing the felony, and therefore the dog has left its snout print…incredible isn’t it?

And did you know that the first living thing sent to space was a dog?

A girl street dog called Laika. The Soviet Union sent her to space in the spaceship Sputnik 2. Poor Laika died only hours after the rocket’s take off but yet the experiment still could demonstrate that it is possible that living things would survive a trip to space. In 2008 Russia made a monument as a tribute to Laika´s sacrifice.
Did you know that dogs have been living with people for more than 9000 years?

There is archaeological evidence that shows this. In recent investigations, it has been indicated that the first dogs to be domesticated were in China and since then man has used them as companions, as hunting dogs, as herding dogs or even as athletic dogs competing in races.

The truth is, there is no doubt that the dogs have been man’s most loyal friend for more than 9000 years.

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