The Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon|the komodo dragon|
Do you know the komodo dragon exists? Don't you believe it? They don't fly, don't spit fire, but you can see them in some areas of the Earth.Yes, it's the Komodo Dragon and they're so interesting!! That's right!


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The Komodo Dragon

Hello friends and welcome to a new Happy learning video. Today we are going to learn about the largest lizard in the world…the Komodo dragon.

Komodo dragons were discovered in 1910 on some remote Indonesian islands, and although they don’t breathe fire or fly, they are indeed very dangerous animals.

These large reptiles, like all other reptiles, are born from eggs, like these tiny crocodiles.

The komodo dragon’s bodies are covered by hard thick scales which protect them from all sorts of dangers. When they are adults they can grow up to 3 meters in length and weigh more than 90 kilos. They are carnivorous and their jaws are wide, strong and extremely powerful. They have close to 60 razor sharp teeth which they use to tear apart their victim’s flesh. Their saliva is
very infectious, almost even venomous. When they bite their prey, the wound rapidly becomes infected and kills them.

They can eat up to 80% of their own weight in a single meal. They are quite the guzzlers!

After eating so much they must rest awhile, like this one who is taking a nice long nap. They tend to eat carrion, but they are also great hunters, capable of detecting their prey at a distance of 10 km away, thanks to their long forked tongue.

Even though they don’t look like it, they are fantastic athletes, they climb trees, are excellent swimmers and can run at a speed of 29km per hour… if you don’t believe me, ask these poor deer which had a very near miss…

These large lizards can live to 50 years old, but the truth is they don’t tend to live so long; every day there are less and less of them, everyday they have less space to live in, and many are hunted illegally to be sold on the black market or kept for their skin. At the moment there are only approximately four thousand komodo lizards in the world, without a doubt they are in great danger of being

So on behalf of Happy Learning, as always, we ask you to look after nature and all its living things…all animals, no matter how terrifying they may seem, are extremely important for our planet’s environmental balance. So now
you know, take care of it and respect it.

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