Interesting facts about spiders

interesting facts about spiders|interesting facts about spiders|
Did you know that spiders are one of the animals that most people are scared of? If you would know interesting fact abour spiders, you like them! They could stop an airplane while it's flying. This is awesome!


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Interesting facts about spiders

Did you know that spiders are one of the animals that most people are scared of? There are millions of people who have arachnophobia, meaning that when they see a spider, they run away screaming. The majority of these arachnids of eight legs, have six or eight eyes, and yet they have poor sight.

Did you know that the silk that comes out of the spider´s abdomen is much more resistant than steel wire of the same thickness? Well it is, and it’s a lot more elastic. Some say that if you were to use a spider’s web with the thickness of a pencil, it could stop a plane in flight. That’s incredible! Humans can use the spider´s web for many different things, such as bulletproof jackets, threads of suture for stitching wounds, clothes, violin strings or ropes used to hold a lot of weight, such as the one used by this mountaineer.

Did you know that spiders use their web to hunt as well as to travel? The spider’s web is very sticky and when an insect lands on it, it gets stuck and can’t escape and the spider then makes the most of it to eat it up. They also use their web to make cocoons for their eggs and some to glide from one place to another with the help of the wind, just like Spiderman.

The truth is spiders and the webs they make with their silk are one of the most fascinating facts we can learn from our nature, don’t you think?

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