Interesting facts about birds

interesting facts about birds|Interesting facts about birds||
Did you now that the fastest bird is the peregrine hawk or how many times can the hummingbird flutter per minute? We'll learn a interesting facts about birds with Happy Learning. They'll surprised you!


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Interesting facts about birds

Did you now that the fastest bird is the peregrine hawk? This bird of prey can reach up to 400 kilometers per hour whist free falling. Wow it’s so fast, poor dove if it were to cross its path…
On the other hand, the American Woodcock is the slowest bird on the planet, flying at a mere speed of 8 km per hour. Oh, check out it´s cute little babies!

And did you know that the fastest land bird is the ostrich? This huge bird, actually the largest in the world, cannot fly but can reach up to 70 kilometers per hour…running…it’s faster than a moped!

This tiny hummingbird also holds an impressive record. Besides being the smallest bird, it can also flap its wings 200 times per second or in other words, 12 thousand times in a minute…incredible! They beat so fast that you can hardly even see them, and it looks like they are floating in the air whilst eating…

Did you know that the penguin is the aquatic bird champion? Penguins don’t fly and on land are rather clumsy, but they are incredible in the water. Some species can reach the speed of…36 kilometers per hour. They swim four times faster than a person can…but the most impressive penguin is the emperor penguin. A person can dive to the depth of 260 meters whereas this penguin species dives 535 meters deep and can hold its breath for 5 to 18 minutes. It’s a bird, it has a beak and feathers but it seems as if it wants to be a fish…

Now we have learnt a few records and fascinating facts about birds. The truth is it is beautiful observing them fly in the sky or swim in the sea but as we are always reminding you in Happy Learning, so as to continue enjoying them, we must look after our environment; do not contaminate the air, the sky, the rivers and seas. We must take care of our nature and all that is around us, and like that we will be able to live in a happier world.

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