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The travellers of the sky. Do you know that clouds are form by tiny water drops and that they never stop moving? Discover how they are formed, how many different kinds exist and how important they are for all the living beings.


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What are clouds?

Hello friends, welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to climb very, very high to learn about what clouds are and how they are formed. If we look at the sky we can almost always see them, higher or lower, bigger or smaller, with a multitude of ways that allow us to play and imagine that they could be animals or toys.

But what really are clouds?

Clouds are made up of tiny drops of water, snowflakes or small ice crystals.

70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. As the sun heats up the earth’s surface, it causes large amounts of that water to evaporate. That humid and hot air, also called steam, rises into the atmosphere and little by little it gets cold. Due to this cooling, the vapour condenses into microscopic droplets of water that can have the shape of tiny snowflakes or crystals of ice and those droplets are precisely what make up clouds.

Clouds are very different from one another, either because of their shape, colour, size or altitude.

The cirrus clouds are white, light and thin and seem to be scattered across the sky. They are those that are at a higher altitude, exceed 7,500 meters in height, and are formed by tiny ice crystals.

The cumulus clouds are large clouds that look like they are swollen, they may look like they are made of cotton. They are halfway up and in general they are a sign of good weather although in some occasions they can discharge intense rains.

The strata are very long, horizontal and grey clouds. They are the lowest clouds and if they are very low, very low you know what they are called? Correct they are called fog.

All clouds are very important for life on the planet because they are a fundamental part of the water cycle. They allow the essential fall of rain or snow and regulate the temperature on Earth.

I love watching the sky and seeing the clouds but there is a very, very special one that I like more than the rest. Do you know what it is? Well of course our beloved and nice cloud. Goodbye friends, Ah! and do not forget to subscribe to Happy Learning Tv

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