Plant asexual reproduction

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Learn about plant reproduction! New plants can originate from a single cell, a tissue, an organ or a part of a mother plant.


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Plant asexual reproduction

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Plants, like all living things need to reproduce to perpetuate their species, to survive though time.
They can have a sexual or asexual reproduction. Today, we’re going to get to know plant asexual reproduction.

In asexual plant reproduction, flowers don’t intervene, there’s no need for a gamete or female and male cell. In asexual reproduction, there’s only one parent, so the new plants will be genetically identical to this. New plants can originate from a single cell, a tissue, an organ or a part of a mother plant.

There are two types of asexual reproduction: vegetative reproduction and reproduction without seeds. Let’s get to know them.

Vegetative reproduction is when new plants are formed from a part of a mother plant, generally from the tip of the stem. This type of reproduction is used a lot in agriculture and gardening. There are four types: root vegetables, bulbs, stolons and rhizomes.

Root vegetables, are underground stems which store lots of nutrients, lots of nutritive substances. Examples include potatoes or sweet potatoes. As you can see in the images, a new plant can come from each potato.

Bulbs, are also underground stems but formed by fleshy leaves which store nutrients. Onions, garlics and tulips reproduce through bulbs.

Stolons, are stems which grow horizontally parallel to the floor. When they come into contact with the floor, they form roots and a new plant is born. Strawberries and mint are examples of stolons.

Rhizomes are the same stems as stolons, but underground and new plants are formed from them. Rhizomes grow indefinitely, so they can cover a wide surface. Lots of types of grass, reeds and trees like populus and oaks are examples of rhizomes.

Plant reproduction without seeds is present in mosses and ferns. These plants combine sexual and asexual reproduction. When the female and male gamete meet, structures are formed called spores. These spores, once they are developed and mature, are then impulsed by wind until they fall on the floor and germinate, then new plants are born.

The truth is that nature is wonderful, it’s incredible Did you know, that the oldest ferns are older than the dinosaurs? They have been reproducing on earth for over 420 million years! It’s incredible!

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