Clean energy and dirty energy

clean energy
There are two types of energy: Dirty energy, which has a negative impact in our planet and clean energy, which does not. Learn more about them in the third episode of our series "Children can make a World of difference".


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Clean energy and dirty energy

Hello, do you know who I am? I am the Earth, yes this very planet and I would like to ask for your help as there is something that is harming me and you, yes you can help me.

Did you know that people consume a large amount of energy daily in practically everything they do? And did you know that there are both clean and dirty energies?

The dirty energies are those which release gases into the air which cause the greenhouse effect, they come from coal, gas and oil. The dirty energies also produce toxic residues such as nuclear energy. When people use these energies for their cars, to heat their houses or turn on their computers, I become more and more ill, I become hotter and the air that surrounds me and which you breathe ceases to be pure and that’s also harmful to you.

And yet there are other types of energies that don’t harm me and at the same time allow you to warm up your homes or turn on your computer. These are the clean energies also known as renewable energy. Have you heard of them? Solar and wind energy are both clean energies. The sun and the wind produce clean energy and thanks to them you can continue turning on the lights or showering with hot water without harming me, without contaminating.

As I want to stay clean and healthy and I believe you do too, I am going to ask you to make small but important changes to your lifestyle, and some of them will also give you more strength and energy.
Do you want to know how you can win the battle against dirty energy?

You can ask your parents to take you to school on foot or public transport. Like that you won’t be consuming diesel oil or gasoline which are both dirty energies. And don’t forget if you walk or ride your bicycle more often, you will become stronger and fitter.

You could also take showers instead of baths which uses less water meaning less energy to heat it.

Go up and down the stairs because, the elevator also uses energy, doesn’t it?

If you were to do these things and a few more that you can think of which can save energy, I will be happier and cleaner.

By making intelligent decisions and working all together, we can make it happen! Because as you know…children make a world of difference.

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