The Circulatory System

the circulatory system|The Circulatory System|
Did you know that if we put together all the arteries and veins, they would be equivalent in lenght to almost two and a half turns around the Earth? Learn about the circulatory system and the blood with Happy Learning.


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The circulatory system

Hello friends, welcome to a new happy learning video. Today we are going to learn about the circulatory system of the human body.

 The main function of the circulatory system is to carry, through the blood, the nutrients to the cells of our body. It is formed by the heart, arteries and veins and its proper functioning is essential for us to have good health. I have a curiosity Do you know how much all the arteries and veins would measure together, put in single file? They would measure 96,000 kilometres, which would be equivalent to almost two and a half laps to Earth, it’s incredible, right?

 The heart has the main role in making sure that the blood travels around the body. With its one hundred thousand pulsations per day it ensures that blood circulates throughout our body allowing it to distribute oxygen and nutrients into our cells.

 We are going to start a journey through the circulatory system so we can understand it much better.

 The journey of blood begins in the heart. With the pulsations of the heart the blood comes out through one of the great highways of the circulatory system called the Aorta.

 From that moment, the blood flows through our body through many veins. It reaches the neck, head and brain through one side. From there, the blood continues to flow into our arms then through the aorta, around the thorax and abdomen and finally reaching both of our legs.

 During this trip, the blood is delivering oxygen and nutrients to the cells through the capillary veins.

 As this trip is circular, that is to say it has no end, the blood starts the trip back to the heart to regain nutrients and oxygen.

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