Why do Stars Shine?

star shine
Stars Shine. We’re going to know why the stars, shine!


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Why do Stars Shine?

Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
Today, we’re going to know why the stars, shine!

In summer, I love to watch the stars shine bright. They make me think and look back on many things…

Stars shine because they are gigantic burning hot gas spheres that release heat and light. They are so bright because there are atomic reactions inside them, that convert hydrogen into helium. Their temperature can reach 10.000 degrees centigrade. According to the colours they give off, astronomers know if they are hotter or cooler.
Our sun is a medium sized yellow star. Stars smaller than the sun are reddish and larger ones are blue.

Stars live for thousands of millions of years, but they always end up becoming extinguished.

When we look into the sky at night we can see hundreds and hundreds of stars. Some of them, either because they are very big or because they are closer to Earth, are very visible. Others, which are smaller or further away are tiny points that can hardly be seen.

At a glance from Earth, we can see about 2000 stars, but really, there are thousands and thousands of stars in the universe, but nobody knows exactly how many there are.

In the past, stars were very important for sailor’s orientation. Because of the Polar Star, the Ursa Major or Venus, sailors knew what directions to take and got to their destinations safe and sound. To see the stars better, they used devices such as the telescope.

The telescope is a gadget that works with light and is used to watch far away objects a lot clearer than by glance.
But… who was the inventor of the telescope?
The truth is we don’t know with certainty, but it was Galileo in 1609 who, using an invention by a Dutch man called Lippershey (Lipershy), built the first telescope that was used to look at the stars and because world famous.

Well, now we know why stars shine and the instrument so we can look at them. The truth is I love stars. What about you?

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