Why do Camels and Dromedaries have humps?

why do camels and dromedaries have humps?|why do camels have humps
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Why do Camels and Dromedaries have humps?

Although a lot of people think that the humps in camels and dromedaries are used to store water, this… is not true! The humps are indeed tanks, but not water tanks, but fat! When they have to spend a long time without eating or drinking, they use the fat in their humps as a source of energy to survive. Thanks to their humps, camels and dromedaries can stand up to two weeks without eating.

And do you know how long they can last without drinking? They can be up to various weeks without drinking, but what is true is that when they find water, they’re able to drink up to 135 liters in one go, in only 13 minutes! It’s incredible! How can they drink that fast!

An important thing you need to know is that wild camels are in danger of extinction. Contemporarily, there are only 950 camels in the wild. So, as we always say, we need to take care and respect nature, only this way we will be able to protect animals, plants, and ourselves!

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