Why are there waves in the sea?

waves in the sea
When we look at the sea, there are always waves but… how are waves produced? The most destructive waves are… the tsunamis!


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Why are there waves in the sea?

When we look at the sea, there are always waves, some smaller,, or larger… like these! Where we can even surf but… how are waves produced?

Waves are produced in various ways: the most common one is because of the effect of the wind. When wind blows over the sea, it causes, displacements in water masses which produce lots of waves.** The size and speed of these waves,, depend on the strength in which the wind is blowing. The stronger the wind is, the bigger the waves… but the greatest waves of all, the most destructive ones are… the tsunamis. These terrible waves are produced by a seaquake, which are seismic movements, earthquakes at the bottom of the sea; they can also be produced by the eruption of volcanoes both on land and undersea. The truth is tsunamis are very scary. But thankfully, not all waves are destructive…

I love waves in the summer because I have so much fun surfing, and also, because we have already learnt how they are produced, I’m going to enjoy them a lot more!

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