What is the tertiary sector? Jobs and their classification.

tertiary sector|sector terciario
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What is the tertiary sector? Jobs and their classification.

Hello happy friends, welcome to a new happy learning video. We already know that jobs are divided into three sectors. The Primary sector, extracts raw materials from nature, the Secondary or manufacturing sector, transforms raw materials into elaborated or semi elaborated products and the tertiary or service sector, is the one we are going to learn about today.

The tertiary sector are jobs where the products made in the secondary are sold to us, or offering us a service. So you understand it better, we’re going to look at two examples.

In a shop, they sell us products in exchange for money, like food or clothes. In a hairdressers, however, they don’t sell us a product, they cut our hair so we look beautiful, they offer us a service in exchange for money. These activities, both those who sell us a product and those who offer us a service are part of the tertiary sector.

Let’s get to know various kinds of economic activities, or jobs which are in the tertiary sector. You’ll see some are suuuper important.

Welfare is in charge of looking after our health. Doctors and nurses work hard to take care of us if we’re sick. It’s a super important sector, Don’t you think?

Education is also suuper important. Teachers work in schools to teach students knowledge and values. Thanks to education, we’ll be able to reach a greater world in the future, cleaner and with greater justice.

Transport is also a service. Taxis, buses, lorries, trains, boats and planes, transport goods, animals and people, from one place to another. The bus which takes us to school is part of this sector.

Communication is another crucial type of service nowadays. The internet or mobile phones allow us to communicate from great distances.

And finally, trade. Shops where we can buy everything we need, food, clothes, anything! When trade is made within the country, it’s called domestic trade, but when it’s done between countries, it’s called international trade. If our country buys products from other countries, we call it import. But if our country is the one to sell their products, we call it export.

There are more jobs dedicated to the service sector, like tourism, banks, restaurants, but there’s one which we love, entertainment! The Cinema, theatre, football or attraction parks all make us have lots of fun in our leisure time.

There are lots of types of jobs in the tertiary sector, don’t you think? And some super fun ones!

Goodbye happy friends! See you, In our next video!

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