What is an asteroid? Facts about the universe

what is an asteroid
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What is an asteroid? Facts about the universe

We’ve heard talk about asteroids many times. The most famous one being the one which hit the Earth millions of years ago and made all dinosaurs disappear. But what exactly is an asteroid??

According to NASA, asteroids are small rocky objects, which, as well as the planets, orbit the sun, meaning, they rotate around it. They are a loooot smaller than the planets and in our solar system there are thousands and thousands of asteroids. Most of them are between Mars and Jupiter, and this zone is called, asteroid belt.

As you can see in the images, they have irregular shapes. Actually there are no two identical asteroids.

The main problem with asteroids, is that some of them are, potentially dangerous, because they can come out of their orbit and hit against the Earth, like the one which ended all dinosaurs. Although… don’t worry! Because most asteroids disintegrate when they go across the earth’s… atmosphere.

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