The Sun

the sun|The Sun|The Sun
We are going to learn about the biggest star in the universe, the Sun, an enormous sphere of extremely hot gas.It is very important for us and so close to our planet, ecause our planet is close to it, more so than to any other star.


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The Sun

Hello friends and welcome to a new Happy Learning video. Today we are going to learn about the most important star in the universe, today we’re going to study the Sun.

The sun is a star, an enormous sphere of extremely hot gas which is continuously shining and spinning around. It seems much bigger and brighter than other stars but that is only because our planet is close to it, more so than to any other star. The sun is in the center of our system and that’s why we call it the solar system and all the planets in it revolve around the sun. It has been shining in space for more than 4 and a half billion years! Yup I said B, for Billion and scientists claim it will continue to do so for another 5 billion years! That’s incredible!

The sun is composed of gas. The majority of this gas is hydrogen and helium though there is also some carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. It shines so brightly and transmits so much energy because in its interior there are atomic reactions which turn the hydrogen into helium. To give you an idea, the surface temperature on the sun is 5.800 degrees celsius. In only one second, more energy is released from the sun than that which has been consumed by all humanity so far. Just in one second!
Compared to Earth, the sun is enormous. One million three hundred thousand planets the size of our Earth can fit inside the sun. It is also very far from our planet.

Do you know how long it would take us to get to the sun? Well, when taking into consideration that the sun is 150 million kilometers away, if we were to travel from the Earth to the sun by car at a speed of 100kms an hour, we would take… 170 years to get there! Though the light that the sun emits, doesn’t take that long to get to the Earth. It takes only 8 minutes for the light to travel from moment it leaves the sun till it reaches our planet. That’s 300 million kms per second! It’s absolutely mind-blowing! It can circle the world 7 times in one second. There is most definitely nothing faster than light.

So now we have learnt a little more about the sun, our star and about light. I hope you found it all very interesting.

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