the human brain|
The heart is the muscle that works the most in our whole body. The human body is FASCINATING and there's noting more important than the human heart... so let's get to know a little more about it!


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1- did you know that Our brain doesn’t hurt!! If we were poked in the brain we wouldn’t feel anything because the brain doesn’t feel pain!

2- Don’t get on your nerves!! When we are stressed, meaning, when we are very very nervous, our brain shrinks, it becomes smaller and works worse. So know you know, you need to relax.

3- Do you know how much our brain weighs? Well our brain weighs, a kilo and a half. The truth is I thought it weighed a lot less.

4- Can you hear it? It’s laughter. Laughter, is very good for our brain. When we laugh, our brain is also happy and it makes us think more clearly and be more positive. So everyone let’s laugh!

5- The brain never rests. When we sleep, our brain is still active and thanks to it, our heart keeps pumping and our lungs keep breathing.

The human body is incredible, isn’t it? So it works better we need to do a lot of physical and mental exercise, the more we use it, the more it works.

Goodby happy friends! See you in the next happy Learning Video!

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