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The layer surrounding the Earth. The atmosphere is essential for life on Earth. Discover how many layers form it and the importance of each one. Oh!! And discover how pollution is damaging it...


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Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
Today, we’re going to learn about The earth’s atmosphere!

The layer of gas surrounding the Earth is called the atmosphere and is an essential element for life on Earth to exist!
It makes all living things be able to breathe, it protects us from rays originating from both the Sun and space, and it also prevents large changes in temperature during day and night.

The atmosphere isn’t homogenous, instead, it changes its composition according to its height, it becomes less and less dense, with less and less air.
Because of those differences, we divide the atmosphere in 5 layers called the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere. We’re going to know more about each one of them!

The troposphere is the interior layer, the closest one to the earth’s surface. It reaches 12km in height and within it, is where the phenomenon we call the weather happens, the climate.

The stratosphere reaches an average height of 50km, although in some points it reaches 70!
Inside the stratosphere, we can find the ozone layer, which is essential fot life beacause it filters Ultraviolet Light coming from the sun. If it didn’t exist, these rays would end life on our planet.

The mesosphere is situated between 50 and 80 km over the earth’s surface. It’s the coldest layer in the atmosphere, it can reach less than 90 degrees below 0! It’s so cold!!!

The thermosphere, also called ionosphere, reaches 400 km! Within it, space shuttles travel around the earth and it’s also where the mysterious northen lights. They’re beautiful aren’t they??

The exosphere is the last layer in the atmosphere and is at a height between 400 and 2000
km! After this, no more gases exist, only the emptyness of space.

Now we know all about the atmosphere and its layers, but we can’t say goodbye without talking about pollution.
Human activity releases many gases that contaminate our atmosphere. Smoke from factories, cars, lots of the daily activities we do, are creating changes in the atmosphere’s composition. All this produces climate change, floods, acid rain that terminates woods… A polluted atmosphere puts the planet’s, and all living things’ health in danger. We need to take the necesary measures so we pollute as little as possible and take care of our planet and the atmosphere so we can carry on enjoying all of nature’s wonders.

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