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Fascinating facts about babies|

Interesting facts about babies

Did you know that a baby has more bones in his body than an adult? And did you know that the breath of newly born babies does not smell? There are a lot of fascinating facts about babies. Learn with Happy Learning!

The Animal Food Chain||la cadena trofica|
Living Beings

The Animal Food Chain

Every living thing needs energy in order to live and this energy is found in the food they eat. Living creatures are situated on various levels of the animal food chain depending on what they eat.

The Vital Functions||
kindergarten natural sciences

The Vital Functions

In this educational video for kids, we will learn the three vital functions: nutrition, reproduction and interaction. These functions are crucial to every single living organism on earth to keep themselves alive.

educational video about The Cell|Quiz La Célula
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The Cell

All living organisms are composed of cells, some have only one cell and are called unicellular and others have many cells and are known as multicellular. The cell is the smallest part of a living organism.