Plant Sexual Reproduction

Sexual reproduction happens in the plants’ flowers when a male sex cell joins a female sex cell.


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Plant Sexual Reproduction

Plants, as all living things, need to meet the vital functions to be able to live. Nutrition, interaction, and reproduction. Today, we’re going to get to know plants’ sexual reproduction.

Plants have two very different ways of reproducing. They can have sexual or asexual reproduction. Today, we’re going to get to know the first type!

Sexual reproduction happens in the plants’ flowers when a male sex cell joins a female sex cell. When time passes, this cell union produces a seed, from which a new plant will grow.

To get to know plant sexual reproduction better, it’s important to know the parts of a flower and the functions each of these has towards reproduction. The most important parts of a flower are the floral wrap and the reproductive organs.

The floral wrap is in charge of covering and protecting the reproductive organs and is formed by the corolla and the calyx.
The corolla is formed by petals which are usually bright beautiful colours. The calyx is formed by green leaves called sepals.

The reproductive organs in a flower are the stamen and pistils. The stamen contains the pollen granules which is where the male reproductive cells are, also called male gametes.
Within the pistil, we can find the female reproductive cells, also called female gametes. As you can see, the pistil looks like a bottle, its superior part is the stigma, its neck is called style and the base is the ovary, exactly where the ovules or female reproductive cells are.

The pollination process takes place when a pollen grain from a flower, reaches another flower’s pistil and travels till reaching one of its ovules and this is when fertilisation happens.
From then on, the fertilised ovule will transform into a seed…, and the ovary, will transform itself until it turns into a fruit, like this apple, which protects the seeds, which are… the pips inside it.
Once the fruit falls to the ground, seeds are dispersed and when the necessary conditions are met, seeds germinate, giving life new to plants.

Some animals, like these bees, are super important for pollination to occur. Bees, as they are always flying from one flower to the next, transport many pollen grains stuck to their bodies, and this helps pollination sooo much, it helps plant sexual reproduction.

As you can see, the balance of nature is incredible. An animal as small as a bee is essential for many plants to reproduce. As we always say in Happy Learning, we need to get to know, take care and respect nature and all living things, regardless of how insignificant they look.

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