light and materials
LEARN WITH SARAH. There are two types of light: natural and artificial.


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Hello Happy friends!
Are you ready to learn? 
I’m Sarah, and today, we’re going to talk… about light and materials.
Light is a form of energy that luminous bodies emit, and it allows us to see though the sense of seeing. 
When there’s no light, we can’t see anything! Like now!
Turn on the light again please!
There are two types of light: natural and artificial.
Natural lights are the sun, and fire
and artificial light can be… a bulb… a fluorescent tube… or a torch!
The great majority of artificial lights, work with electric energy. 
 Light always travels in a straight line, and in all directions, and it reaches a speed of 3 hundred thousand km/s.
But… can light pass through all materials? No! it cannot! 
Depending on wether light can go through materials or not, we classify them into: opaque, translucent or transparent.
Opaque materials don’t allow light to go through them. I’m opaque, light can’t pass through me.
Translucent materials allow some light to go through them, but not entirely. That’s why you can’t properly see what’s behind this plastic.
You can see something pink, but you don’t exactly know what there is behind it do you?
Well it’s… a piglet!
Transparent Materials allow all light rays pass though them, that’s why we can perfectly see though them. Like.. the glass in this cup…or the glass on this window, where we can see a beautiful scenery. 
 Goodbye Happy Friends, See you next time!

I hope you’re always ready to learn! 


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