Learning to Draw… A Shark

learning to draw... a shark
Today we are going to draw a very scary fish, today let's draw a shark.


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Learning to Draw… A Shark

Today we are going to draw a very scary fish, today lets draw a shark. To draw it we are going to need a blank piece of paper, a pencil, a black felt tip pen, colored crayons, and an eraser. We will start drawing in pencil. First we will draw the outline of the shark. Next we draw the tail, the fins, the sharp pointed teeth which are shaped like saws and then we finish off with the eye. Now we trace over the pencil with the black felt tip pen, but be careful as you cannot rub it out. If you don’t have enough time to do it, stop the video because to do things properly one should not rush. And now we need to rub out any unnecessary lines. Perfect, now all you need is to color in the shark.

You can use any color you want to…This is a craft video for children in preschool and primary.

Happy Learning, education through entertainment.

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