Learning to Draw… A Bird

learning to draw... a bird
In this educational video we will learn how to draw a bird. But not any bird, a singing bird... Birds are amazing animals that have the ability to fly. Join us and discover how easy it is to draw a beatiful bird.


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Learning To Draw… A Bird

In this educational video we will learn how to draw a bird, this one will be a singing bird. We can find all sorts of different types of birds around the world, and each with their own personal way of singing. In Happy Learning we want to teach how one can develop their creative and artistic capabilities. Both crafts and creativity are fundamental for a child’s development. This collection titled “Learning how to draw”, is also published in Spanish so that while preschool and primary children are developing their artistic capabilities, they can also be practicing a language, which in this case would be Spanish. Happy Learning, education through entertainment.

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