Jobs and their classification: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary sector

Jobs and their classification
Jobs and their classification. Primary, Secondary & Tertiary sector


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Jobs and their classification: Primary, Secondary & Tertiary sector.

Hello Friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
Have you ever wondered how we obtain food, clothes, and everything we need and use every day?
Yes! Exactly, they are obtained, by working.
Today, we’re going to learn about jobs and how they are classified.

Work is any activity that we carry out in exchange for a salary or benefit. From a jobs perspective, society is divided into the active and the inactive or passive public.

The active public are those who work for in exchange for a salary or those who are looking for a position in the workforce but sadly, they aren’t achieving it. These are the jobless.

The passive or inactive public are those who don’t work for one reason or another, they are unable to work. Children, students, the retired all belong to this population group.

Jobs, depending on what they are like, are divided into three sectors : primary, secondary and tertiary.

So you understand it clearly, we are going to get to know them through milk. Milk is obtained from the farms where cows are, the farmer milks them and directly obtains the milk from them. This is the primary sector.
Then the milk goes to a factory or industry where it undergoes a series of treatments and it is bottled. This is the secondary sector. And then, these milk bottles are sent to the shop, where they are sold, where we can buy them. This is the tertiary sector.

But we’re going to get to know each one of them a little more.

The primary or production sector are all jobs from which raw materials from plants and animals are obtained. In this group, we can find agriculture, farming, forestry, fishing and mining.

The secondary or manufacturing sector are all jobs that transform the raw materials into elaborated products. Like wood for example, there are factories that make chairs. The industry, crafts, and construction all form part of the secondary sector.

The tertiary or service sector are all jobs that offer a service to the public. Education, healthcare, entertainment, transport or trade are part of the tertiary sector.

Thanks to the people that work and help their country develop, with their effort and money countries are able to build roads, can offer schools and universities to students, they can help elderly people and many other things.

So now you know! Study hard so you can work in the sector you prefer. It’s the best way of helping society as a whole.

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