fun facts about the sea
5 Things you didn’t know about the sea. Do you know that the Everest isn’t the largest mountain in the world?


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1 – Do you know what the difference is between seas and oceans?
The most important difference between seas and oceans is that seas are a loot smaller. and they belong, to the oceans. actually, they are a part of them; the seas, are the part of the oceans, which are closest to land. We all know that on our planet we have, 5 oceans: Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Arctic and Antarctic. But… do you know how many seas there are? Well there are 57. and the largest are the Arabian Sea, the South China Sea, Caribean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Bering Sea.

2- Did you know that at the bottom of the sea, there are volcanoes, and large plains?
Although a lot of people think that the bottom of the sea is flat, it’s not true. Actually, the bottom of the Sea is like land, it has mountains, volcanoes, caves, great planes and even waterfalls!!. It’s so deep and big, that although it may seem incredible, there are many places where humans have not reached yet. Actually, 95% of the sea, remains unexplored. There’s so much to discover!

3- Do you know that the Everest isn’t the largest mountain in the world?
Well no! The largest mountain on Earth is in the sea and it’s called Mauna Kea. This inactive volcano, located in a Hawaiian island, measures from the sea surface to its tip, 4207 meters. But if we measure it from its base, which is at the bottom of the ocean, it measures ten thousand meters high, and if we compare this to the 8 thousand 848 meters of the Everest, they turn the Mauna Kea into the largest mountain in the world. What is true, is that the Everest, is the highest point on Earth.

4- What do you think we know more about? Planet mars or the oceans?
Well, although it may seem incredible, we know Mars’ surface more and better than the bottom of the sea. Human beings know very little about species which habitat the oceans, and there are still maaany to be discovered. It’s probable that most of these species are very small organisms but scientists believe there are still fish, and mammals which have not been discovered yet. Each year we discover a mean of 2000 new species.

5- Did you know that the sea is the biggest rubbish dump in the universe?
Yes, sadly, the sea has been used for a long time, as a dump, without realising oceans are the lungs of our planet. More than 50% of the air we breathe is produced at sea. The Mediterranean Sea,, is the most contaminated in the world, but sadly, most oceans are at an alarming stage. Plastics, pesticides , chemical substances, oil… all affect the sea’s health and living things within it. More than 100 thousand marine animals like penguins, whales, dolphins, turtles, fish and birds… die every year, only because of the plastic in the sea…

Please respect and take care of nature, don’t throw rubbish to the sea or rivers and always recycle. If we take care of the water, if we take care of the sea, we will make all living things live in a better world, cleaner and happier.

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