We are surrounded by insects. Did you know, that for every four animals in the wild, three of them are insects?


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Did you know, that for every four animals in the wild, three of them are insects? We calculate that for every human being, there are 200 million insects… We are surrounded by insects, so I think it’s important to to get to know them a little more.

Insects are invertebrate animals that have a share a number of characteristics:
Their body is divided into: head, thorax and abdomen, they have two antennae, six legs and they breathe through their traquea.

From the moment they are born, insects undergo a series of body changes called metamorphoses. Most insects are oviparous, and maggots are born from the eggs. As you can see in the images, they don’t look anything like their parents, they look like worms.
When they grow, they enclose themselves in a cocoon they make with a substance called silk. Inside the cocoon, they undergo an incredible change in their bodies and they exit as adult insects. This metamorphosis stage is called pupa, although when referring to butterflies we also call it chrysalis. This type of metamorphosis happens for 80% of the insects.

The large majority of insects have wings, in fact, they are the only group of invertebrates that can fly.

Another shared characteristic amongst insects is that they have almost perfect vision. They have compound eyes, it’s as if they had hundreds of tiny eyes in each eye, which provides excellent peripheral vision.

As we said before, there are so many insects, and there are also maaany types:
There are very annoying insects, like head lice, flies or mosquitos, interesting insects because of their shape, like stick insects, or leaf insects. Beautiful ones like butterflies or dragonflies, or singer insects like a grasshopper or cricket, that besides from singing is an excellent jumper! But… Do you know my favorite insect? It’s a bee! Because i love the honey they make!

Some insects, like ants or bees, live in highly organised societies, where they each have a job assigned. The Queen ant, for example, is in charge of laying eggs, drone ants protect the nest and worker ants are in charge of getting food and taking care of maggots.

The truth is, insects are incredible and although by their size they might seem unimportant, they are fundamental for nature’s balance. For example, they are in charge, along with some birdies, of pollination. Some insects, like my beloved bees, are constantly flying from flower to flower, transporting pollen from one flower to the next, fertilising them, which makes new amazing plants, come to life!

The truth is most insects, like most living things, are marvelous. Don’t you think?

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