Ecosystems|los ecosistemas|Ecosystems
Ecosystems are communities of living things in any given area. They can be very small, such as a puddle, or very big such as a desert. In this educational video you'll learn about them and get to know why they're so important.


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Hello friends, welcome to another educational video for kids by Happy Learning. Today we are going to learn about the ecosystems, but… do you know what an ecosystem is? An ecosystem is a community of living things in a given area. For example, this river is an ecosystem and is made up of water, the river bed, the river banks and all the living creatures which live in it, such as this frog, these lily pads or this shy duck which hides as soon as it sees us.

An ecosystem can be very small, such as this puddle, or very big such as this enormous desert…

The ecosystems are made up of two components: the Abiotic and the Biotic components.

The Abiotic components include the non-living things like the ground, the climate, or the water and it determines which living things can survive in an ecosystem. For example a desert is a very dry place and so only animals and plants which can survive without much water can live there, like this slippery lizard or these humped back camels.

On our planet there are loads of ecosystems, and they are divided into aquatic and terrestrial. (And these can be either aquatic or terrestrial)
There are two types of aquatic ecosystems: freshwater and Marine.
The freshwater ones are those which have freshwater such as rivers or lakes where Lily pads, otters, or frogs live…Whoops, and here are our friendly ducks again…

The marine ecosystems are those found in the sea such as this beautiful colorful reef so full of life, fish, corals, octopuses and many more fascinating creatures.

When talking about the terrestrial ecosystems we imagine prairies… large plains in the savanna were zebras or antelope like to graze…jungles where trees are extremely high and are the homes for these monkeys called orangutans…or even mountain ecosystems where there tends to be plenty of snow.

Well now we know a bit more about ecosystems and as always, on behalf of Happy Learning we ask you to please look after them… they are so beautiful, we mustn’t destroy them. (We must preserve them)

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