Earth and its layers

the earth and its layers|Earth and its layers|
Our planet, Earth, is divided into three layers; the solid layer or geosphere, the water layer or hydrosphere and the air and gas layer or atmosphere. Find more about them in this beautiful video from Happy Learning.


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Earth and its layers

Hello friends and welcome to another educational video for kids. Today we’ll talk about our planet. The earth is blue when looking at it from space because it is mostly made up of water, but we can also identify brown and green patches of land as well as white clouds floating in the sky. This is because of the materials which make up the Earth, is distributed in layers; the lightest layer, such as gases, occupy the exterior layer and the heavier ones, like rocks, are in the interior.

Our Earth is divided into three spheres; the geosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.

The geosphere is the most solid part of the Earth and is divided into three separate layers; the core, the mantle and the crust. The core is the Earth’s center. It is made up of metals and its temperature is extremely high. The mantle is the geosphere’s thickest layer and it is located in-between the Earth’s crust and the core. The temperature in the mantle is also very high, so high that some of the rocks found there even…melt!. The crust is the external layer. It is composed of rocks and it is where the continents are formed, as well as islands and also the seabed. So in a sense it is the ground we walk on.

The hydrosphere is the combination of all the water that exists on Earth and it makes up three quarters of the ground´s surface. Hydro means water…but water as we all know can be either as a liquid, solid or gas meaning it is distributed in various different ways throughout our planet. The liquid form of water is found in rivers, lakes, oceans and seas as well as in miniscule drops which make up the clouds. We see water in a solid form in ice or snow. And in a gas form it is found in the atmosphere, when the sun´s heat evaporates the water from the Earth’s surface.

The atmosphere is divided into two layers; the troposphere which is the closest layer to the Earth and the stratosphere which is where the ozone is located and is the most distant layer from our planet. The atmosphere is really important as it plays fundamental functions. For example it supplies the oxygen so that animals can live, it withholds heat, and it filters the sun´s rays, some of which are very harmful for living things.

Therefore on behalf of Happy Learning, as always we ask you to take care and respect nature, don’t throw rubbish on the ground, in other words on the geosphere; do not pollute the seas and rivers with plastic, cans and bottles because as you know that water, the hydrosphere, is absolutely fundamental for life…And of course we must try to contaminate the air as little as possible, meaning the atmosphere. If we are able to maintain our planet clean and healthy, all living creatures will be a happier.

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