Adding: Easy Peasy simple and remainder additions

We are going to learn how to add numbers! Adding is joining things, and counting them, it’s that simple.


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Adding: Easy Peasy simple and remainder additions.

Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
Today, we are going to learn how to add numbers! Wait and see how fun it is…

Adding is joining things, and counting them, it’s that simple. For example… Let’s add how many toys we have…
It’s 1 plus 1, 2! , plus 1, three! We have three toys. Easy peasy huh?

As you can see, we use this sign when we are adding, and it’s called PLUS. Let’s do another example.

If a chicken lays 3 eggs, and another chicken lays 5 eggs. How many eggs do I have in total? Let’s see…
3 eggs, plus 5 eggs is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 eggs!

When we’re adding, we only write down the number. We don’t say what we are talking about, so it’s easier to write!

If we add 4 blue marbles, plus 2 green marbles we write 4 + 2 that makes a total of 6. So we know we have 6 marbles.

Each one of the quantities that we add are called summands, and a simple addition can have as many summands as we wish. Additions can be written vertically, like this one… or horizontally, like this one…

For now, we’ve seen very simple additions, but it’s time to do some that are little more complicated…

To add larger figures, such as 32 plus 56, we place one summand under the other, ones under ones… and tens under tens. Like this!

And then we place the plus sign.

Now, we need to add the ones from both summands. 2 plus 6 equals 8. And now let’s add the tens. 3 plus 5 equals 8, so the final result is… 88! (that rhymes with mate).

But what happens if the addition has remainders and more than two summards?
It’s easy peasy! Let’s add 15 plus 27 plus 4.

As we’ve seen before, we place the summards under each other, nes under ones… and tens under tens. It looks like this!
+ 4

Now we add the ones, 5 plus 7 equals 12, plus 4 equals 16. With the number 16, 6 represents ones and 1 represents tens. Because there are no more units to add, we put number 6 by the result, but number 1 represents tens so we can’t place it yet because we haven’t added tens! So we turn it in a new summand and we take it to the tens column.

Now we can add up all tens!
+ 4

1 plus 1 is 2, plus two is 4 and we put number 4 in the results, under tens. So the additions final result is 46!

Easy peasy huh?

Now you need to practice lots! Because, as we said before, it’s very useful and entertaining!

Goodbye friends! And don’t forget to subscribe to Happy Learning Tv!

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