4 Times Multiplication Table

4 Times Multiplication Table|4 Times Table Pattern
Sing this wonderful song and learn the 4 times multiplication table. This one's a little easier than the 3 times multiplication table, so you'll learn it in no time. Remember to repeat again and again, so that you memorize it quickly.


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4 Times Multiplication Table

Hello friends. Today we have a new cool song. This time we bring you the 4 times multiplication table or simply called multiplications by four.

It’s time to take this multiplication thing to the next level, now that you have the 2 and 3 times tables under control. The 4 times multiplication table tends to be easier to learn than the 3 times table, because the numbers are all even and still below 50.

As we have said before, the key to multiplying is to find and remember the pattern followed by the table. In this case when multiplying by 4 we can see that the final digit of each answer repeats itself after 5x. That is the pattern we were looking for. Let’s see it in an image:


As you can see, the numbers 4, 8, 2, 6 and 0 repeat themselves as the last digit of the answers after 5x. Knowing this, you just have to remember the first digit of the answer, which will be easier after listening to the song a couple of times.

Have fun multiplying by 4 and singing along! Soon we’ll bring more multiplication tables for kids, so stay tuned and don’t miss them.

Follow the lyrics to the song along with the video:

One times four is four
Two times four is eight
Three times four is twelve
Four times four is sixteen
Five times four is twenty

Six times four is twenty-four
Seven times four is twenty-eight
Eight times four is thirty-two
Nine times four is thirty-six
Ten times four is forty

Eleven times four is forty-four
Twelve times four is forty-eight

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