The Third World

the third world|The Third World|
The Earth explain you to learn about the poor countries in our world and how you can help them.


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The Third World

Hello friends, I am the Earth, yes the very planet you live on. I would like you to learn about a very sad part of me. The grownups call it the third world but what they are really talking about is all the poor countries in our world.

The third world is in Africa, Asia and Latin America and when I see what is going on over there, I feel like crying. They have practically nothing, and the children who live there are having a really hard time. There is no food and they are starving, there are no schools, many can’t read or write so can’t prepare themselves for a better future. There are also no hospitals so if someone falls ill there are no doctors to help them get well. And also, lots of people suffer awful violence from wars…and lack of water. Water, which is a major problem for the third world countries, and at the same time we sadly give very little importance to. When we want water, all we need to do is to turn on the tap! But imagine if whenever you were to need water you would have to go to a river or well far from your home. Well that’s what it’s like in the third world. There are 748 million people who don’t have running water in their houses and are dirty, hungry and thirsty. It’s such a tragedy!

And do you know that the third world is slowly turning into a large garbage site? Many rich countries say they recycle but they don’t, instead they secretly send their electronic and chemical waste to the third world countries. This rubbish causes great contamination damaging nature as well as all living things…

But not all is lost, there are many things we can still do to help all the people, especially the children which live in the third world. It is very important to recycle, and leave our waste in the correct containers and designated areas. And what we don’t need any more, may well be of use to other people. This way, they reuse our things and we contaminate less.

There are also organizations such as UNICEF, Save the Children and Red Cross who dedicate themselves to helping people in the third world. They get food, build schools and hospitals and channel drinkable water, so that it can reach the houses. These organizations need our help though. We can collaborate by donating them a bit of our money. Remember that a lot of small coins can add up to large amounts. We can also ask our families to help out, reminding them that nothing can make us happier than making other people happy too. Volunteers are people who dedicate part of their lives helping others. They are real superheroes who through their work and dedication are trying hard to create a better world. From here we say a big thank you to all the world’s volunteers.

So my friends, I hope all of you help us end poverty in the third world and like that create a happier and fairer planet. Because, as you know…children make a world of difference.

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