The Human Body

the circulatory system|The Circulatory System|
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The Circulatory System

Did you know that if we put together all the arteries and veins, they would be equivalent in lenght to almost two and a half turns around the Earth? Learn about the circulatory system and the blood with Happy Learning.

the food pyramid|healthy eating: the new food pyramid|
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Healthy Eating: The New Food Pyramid

Healthy foods are fundamental for our existence, they help us grow and be strong. Learn about healthy foods with this wonderful video about the new food pyramid with Happy Learning.

Interesting facts about Human Body|
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Interesting facts about Human Body

Did you know that our nose is capable of smelling more than 50 thousand different smells? or did you know that if you were to join all your blood vessels they would measure approximately 97.000km? learn interesting facts about Human Body

the nervous system|The Nervous System|sistema nervioso|
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The Nervous System

The nervous system has special cells called neurons and it is divided in two parts: the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Watch this video and learn about the marvelous human brain.

the human reproduction|The Human Reproduction||la reproducción humana|
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Human Reproduction

Have you ever wondered where do babies come from? In this video you’ll learn about the whole process of human reproduction and each one of its three stages: conception, pregnancy and childbirth.

the reproductive system|educational video about The Reproductive System|aparato reproductor|
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The Reproductive System

When we are born, there are a series of characteristics which clearly differentiate a woman’s from a man’s body. These are the sexual organs. As we grow, our bodies change and it is easier to tell apart a girl from a boy

the respiratory system|Respiratory System| videos del aparato respiratorio|
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The Respiratory System

The respiratory system is responsible for breathing which is the process of sucking the air around us and exhaling the carbon dioxide. As we all know, we must do this constantly to be able to live.

educational video about the digestive system and digestion|
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The Digestive System and Digestion

So that our body can make the most of the food we eat, it must first transform it into a simpler substance called nutrients. This food transformation process is called digestion and is done by the digestive system.