Puzzle: Countries of North America

Puzzle: Countries of North America
In North America there are just 3 countries, but all of them are important for the world economy, do you know them?


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Puzzle: Countries of North America

If you know all the countries of North America, this puzzle will be easy for you. You have to place the flags in its country.

North America is the third largest of the seven continents. It is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. North America is dominated by its two largest countries: Canada and the United States.

Columbus arrived America in 1492, and although he is given much credit as having discovered America, there were plenty of people already living in North America before the Europeans arrived. This included many Native American tribes in the United States and the Aztec civilization in what is now Mexico.

In the XVII century the Europeans quickly colonized and took over much of North America.

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