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Yes, it’s true. Animals cry. Some animals cry for physiological reasons.


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Is it true that some animals cry?

Yes, it’s true. Animals cry. A couple of years ago, zoologists which are people who study animals and their behavior, discovered that some animals, when they feel pain, scared or sad, also cry… like human beings.

Some animals cry for physiological reasons, like crocodiles, who always have to have humid eyes, or seagulls, who cry to eliminate salt from their organism… but there are animals who cry when they feel sad or in danger. Dolphins and elephants, cry uncontrollably when a friend of theirs dies. Seals and deer cry when they’re chased by a hunter and they’re very scared. And otters for example, when they separate from their babies. But there are many other animals which also cry,, like monkeys,, giraffes,, or bears.

Well, now we know that animals also cry, but it makes me very sad. To be happy, the best we can do is make others happy, people, and animals too!

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