Ancient Egypt

ancient egypt
Ancient Egyptians, what a mysterious civilisation! In this video, we will discover the marvellous world of ancient Egypt. How they buried the dead and the most important traditions for the living.


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Ancient Egypt.

Hello friends! Welcome to a new Happy Learning video.
As you can see in the images, today we are going to talk about pyramids, mummies and 
pharaohs. Today, we are going to travel to Ancient Egypt.

Egypt is a country that still exists today, situated in North Eastern Africa, but what we call <<Ancient Egypt>> is a civilisation that started more than 5.000 years ago and lasted for approximately three thousand years.
Its origins commences with Pharaoh Narmer, also known as the Scorpion King, who in 3200 B.C. funded this country at the Nile’s bank.
The river Nile is the largest river in Africa and was the most important existing thing for egyptians, since they depended on its water to survive.
Their whole civilisation and cities rose from the river’s bank.
The Nile was so important because Egypt is a country surrounded by desert, and cultivations could only take place at its shores. But it wasn’t only used for agriculture, the river was also used to fish and hunt. And they also used it, as a great road to transport goods or large stone blocks, used for their constructions.
All of this is why the Nile was considered to be a God.

Actually, Ancient Egyptians had hundreds of Gods. Some had a human’s body and an animal’s head, like the Goddess Bastet, who had a lion’s head, or God Anubis, and his jackal head.
But the most important of all, was Ra, God of Sun, who had a falcon’s head.

The pharaohs were Ancient Egypt’s Kings. There where many pharaohs over 3000 years, but the most famous one was Tutankamon. Ancient Egyptians believed in life after death, and therefore they were buried with their belongings: furniture, vases, clothes and even food. They believed that this way these things could be used in their next life. As pharaohs had the greatest power, they wanted to have the best tombs. And they got them! These tremendous pyramids were built for pharaohs tombs. Inside them, there are many tunnels, chambres and secret passageways.
When they died, pharaohs and some noblemen’s bodies were mummified to preserve their bodies after death. These are the famous mummies.
Mummies were placed in a sarcophagus, luxurious coffins that were covered in beautiful drawings and hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics were the mysterious Egyptian writings. Their meaning was a mystery for thousands of years, but thanks to archaeologists, we can translate them and partly understand what they want to say.

The truth is everything in Ancient Egypt’s circle fascinates me.
You already know, that discovering the future makes us understand the present, and improve the future.

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